Business & Human Rights

We have worked with some of the biggest corporations in Southern Africa around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our clients engage us to assist them in defining and designing their CSR policies. This involves the development, alignment or re-alignment of a corporate value system committed to supporting social justice in one or more streams.

We also assist our clients in making commensurate jumps or shifts in their value system, which resonate with particular social justice imperatives. Our clients then engage us to develop a CSI policy for them through developing internal capabilities, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting systems to bring effect to their CSR policy.

We assess our clients’ human rights strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well as their planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting on human rights abilities and compliance against international standards such as the United Nations Global Compact. We conduct Independent External Corporate Human Rights Impact Assessments (often an annual audit requirement) based on internal policies and practice, as well as shareholder, employee, client and community satisfaction surveys. We are among a handful of private consulting companies in Africa and Asia which are capable of providing this service.

We also conduct audits, assessments and training around private security compliance with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.